Design & Construction

Lake Travis Water Features specializes in several different types of ponds and water-wise features. We want to build or re-build your water feature factoring in the beauty you desire. The best starting point is to understand how the fundamentals come together to create the lowest maintenance feature we can bring to you, without sacrificing any of the beauty and ending with the small details. Secondly, we want you to understand how the ecosystem comes together to work with you when using the proper design fundamentals in building a new water feature.

Water Garden

The definition of a Water Garden is a garden with pools or streams, for growing aquatic plants. A Water Garden style pond can bring the tropical waterscape you have always envisioned. There is an unlimited amount of creativity that can go into constructing waterfalls and streams. Water Gardening does not follow the same protocol as a Koi pond, because the plants take care of some of the nitrifying cycle for us. Fish can be apart of water gardening just in a smaller quantity. Water Gardening began with the Ancient Egyptians and Eastern Cultures with the intent of showing ones relationship with nature. Gardening with water has come a long way over the centuries and becoming intensely popular in today’s American landscape. Creating an immediate sense of intrigue unlike any feature in the yard, because the combination of running water, goldfish, water lilies, and marginal bog plants gives you the unique freedom of gardening. As years the pass water gardening can be sophisticated with series of ponds and waterfalls or as simple as a whisky barrel with small water lilies.

Koi Pond

A dedicated koi pond creates a wonderful relaxation spot to enjoy your fish. Koi ponds are similar to the hybrid or ecosystem pond, but a koi pond is designed to make the koi and health of your fish star of the show. This meaning that circulation, aeration, and filtration are imperative to make the healthiest environment for your koi. Many times your koi have the personalities of your typical household animal like dogs and cats, and are loved just the same. We strive to replicate the natural environment where these beautiful fish originate from.

Defining a dedicated Koi pond filtration system & fundamentals:

Creating the natural flowing environment for Koi is a step above your typical water garden, we have to use more of an elaborate system to properly filter the pond. The first step is accomplishing the three major fundamentals a Koi pond must follow to acquire higher quality water levels. A pond with only koi has minimal aquatic plants and interior rock work due to ease of maintenance as the fish and plants do not coincide. Interior rock work can be abrasive on the skin of your fish potentially causing health concerns. Below are the three major fundamentals of the dedicated koi pond. 1. Remove ALL solid wastes (fish poop, plant debris, leaf/tree debris, and uneaten fish food)
2. Settle Solid waste (settling solid waste means there is minimal solids entering the pump and filtration leading to a more productive biological nitrifying cycle. )
3. Nitrifying and filtering the pond water (all natural bodies of water make their own nitrifying cycle happen efficiently. In a fish pond we must create our own efficient cycle happen. Basically nitrifying means converting ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate using biological filtration. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are all harmful to fish health. This water will be returned into the pond via waterfalls and spillways.

Koi pond mechanical and biological filtration equipment.

• Bottom Drain(s)
• Skimmer(s)
• TPR’s (tangential pond return)
• Air Stone(s)
• Settlement Chamber
• Biological Filtration
• Pump(s)
• Ultraviolet Light(s)

Ecosystem/Hybrid Pond

A Hybrid pond is exactly how it sounds. YES! We can mix koi and plants together. A Ecosystem pond has a combination plants, Koi/Goldfish, and Cobble.

Acreage Pond/Golf Course Style Pond

Disappearing Fountain

Disappearing water features can bring a new light to any landscape. There is a wide variety of styles to decide between. From a beautiful piece of pottery to a natural piece of stone, and many things in between. The sounds of free falling water can extenuate your outdoor living.

Disappearing Stream & Waterfalls

Streams and Waterfalls that are not attached to an open body of water are under the category of Disappearing, due to the underground reservoir containing the majority of your water needed to cycle all features properly. Disappearing streams and waterfalls are unique because they are all one of kind. As simple as a 2′ water sheer or 75′ blabbing brook winding throughout your yard. allowing you as the homeowner to add the flowing natural creek you always visited as a child. Who wouldn’t want to add a one of a kind waterfall to their front or back yard. Pondless waterfalls are most definitely making a quick approach into the water feature game.

Traditional Fountain