At Lake Travis Water Features, our general routine maintenance ranges from large acreage ponds “golf course style”, Koi ponds and water gardens, all disappearing features including streams and waterfalls, and of course your traditional style fountains. Offering a wide variety of water feature services to help make your relaxation look its greatest without the dreadful routine service of these water features. We offer our creative professional experience, first with a walk through of the space and then a discussion of what YOUR expectations are of the current feature. Following we will discuss the extent of services needed for your escape, because every feature is different in its own way. Yes, some may use the similar equipment but plant and fish load usually determines the amount of routine service needed. Save some time, make one more thing hands free with our creative mind on board.


Residential & Commercial

Routine Maintenance


Water Feature Maintenance Description

1.Marginal(bog) plants, and lilies will be trimmed to prevent sludge build up on the bottom of the pond, causing harmful gases to release into the water
2. ALL potted plants will be fertilized on a regular schedule to create gorgeous specimen aquatic plants.
3. Waterfalls and spill ways will be removed of debris and scrubbed down to remove algae.
4. Streams will be cleared of trailing plants and algae
5. Pumps will be completely cleaned out for maximum flow and longevity of the pump
6. Skimmers and filters will be cleaned and clear of debris
7. Other biological and mechanical filters will be maintained properly
8.  Koi will be observed for disease along with Quarterly water testing to assure optimum Koi health
9. Plants will be treated for disease as needed (not frequent)
10. Pond lights will be checked and lenses cleaned
11. Features will be treated with algaecide upon request ( we avoid as many chemicals as possible)

The Annual Pond Clean out!

Typically a annual pond Cleanout happens in the spring, but here in Texas the weather can sometimes say differently, Thus why we call it an annual Cleanout. We want to avoid the heat of summer for a pond clean due to the transfer of aquatic life.